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Installing PVC Fences in Putnam & Westchester County, NY

Vinyl fences offer durability with a customizable look for homes and businesses in Putnam and Westchester County, NY. Precision Fence & Automated Gates installs, repairs, and maintains polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fences to every client’s specifications so that they get the look they want with outstanding material and construction quality. For a long time, we’ve helped people attain the security and privacy they desire for their properties. We never use poor-quality vinyl because we want to make sure your PVC fence surrounds your home with aesthetic beauty and dependable durability. The manufacturer’s written warranty backs all our PVC fences, and we custom-design them for each home or business owner. We also offer PVC fences with wood grain designs, and you can select various colors and textures for a unique look.

pvc fence

Advantages of PVC Fences on Your Property

Precision Fence & Automated Gates is proud to install, repair, and maintain PVC fences due to the many advantages they offer to property owners. Some of these advantages include the following:

Easy to Clean and Maintain

A favorable attribute of PVC material is the simplicity of maintaining it. A fence made with PVC is easy to clean when mud and dust build up, and it requires very little attention. Repairs are quick and simple, as well, as we replace any damaged boards with new ones.

Stronger than Other Fencing Options

You don’t have to worry about your fence being fragile when it’s made with PVC. This material is significantly stronger than many other fencing materials. Compared to wood, PVC fencing is fives times stronger, which makes it an excellent choice for long-lasting durability.

Flexible Material

In addition to its strength, PVC is also flexible material. In the cases of high winds and impact from objects that fall or lean on it, PVC will flex with the weight or impact, which makes it less likely to crack or break. This flexible quality enhances your fence’s ability to endure long-term use on your property.

Attractive Appearance on Your Property

The look of PVC fencing is very appealing and customizable to fit your property’s aesthetics. We have various styles and colors available from which you can choose, and our expert installation and maintenance ensure flawless construction.

Affordable Choice for Installation

While vinyl offers so many appealing features, such as strength, durability, beauty, and convenience, you don’t have to suffer a massive price tag. PVC fences are a very affordable option for your home or business, especially when compared to other materials like wrought iron and wood choices.

Get a High-Quality Fence from Precision Fence & Automated Gates

When you want a combination of aesthetic appeal, durability, and convenience, Precision Fence & Automated Gates has customizable PVC fences for your home or business. Give us a call today to discuss your desired color and style with a member of our talented team.

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